Locked in the Box: Student Assignment – 24 Hours in Solitary


"Before, I perceived solitary confinement as just another cruel sanction of the government. After just 24 hours, I testify that solitary confinement is hell on earth. Solitary confinement is legalized torture," says Anyssa Williams, a Georgia State University student who spent 24 hours in an 8 by 8 cell replica for a school assignment.

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3 thoughts on “Locked in the Box: Student Assignment – 24 Hours in Solitary”

  1. I work with youth and would like to know if u provide any videos or dvd on juvenile life experiences. I agree with an bill against any torture towards juvenile. Confinement is a mental torture.

    1. Hello Josephine, thank you for the comment and reading JJIE. As of right now, we have not published any videos about personal experiences in the juvenile justice system; however, we are working to create a series a videos about that very topic. Thank you.

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