Sentenced to Life Without Parole As a Juvenile: Greg Oates | Age 58


"I was 18 years old when I was arrested for a crime of murder I commited when I was 17. I've served over 40 years straight."

For more than a decade I have interviewed more than 1,000 kids in 35 states. What of these kids who were sentenced to long sentences and JLWOP, life sentences without parole? These kids become adults who become geriatric. These are the people I have interviewed for the past year.

These are their stories. There are more than 2,000 people — juveniles serving life without parole all over the country. These are some of their voices. These are their faces.

This is a series by Richard Ross that will run every other Thursday.

2 thoughts on “Sentenced to Life Without Parole As a Juvenile: Greg Oates | Age 58”

  1. Why doesn’t someone interview my son who went in for the same timeline was he was a week after his 17th birthday. He will be 40 soon. And, no lie—the chief investigating officer testified that he had no evidence my boy was even there. The shooter got 40 his helper got 36 and my son, got life. There are 49 of these former juveniles in Colorado and no one is getting anywhere.

    He has been transferred as a state prisoner to PA from CO.


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