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Welcome. The Juvenile Justice Resource Hub is a comprehensive source of information on cutting-edge juvenile justice issues and reform trends. The content of this website is being developed in phases, so check back regularly for new material.

Through this website, you can find:

  • Ready access to reliable, accurate, curated information and analysis on juvenile justice issues.
  • Relevant research
  • Best practice models
  • Policy levers for reform
  • Toolkits and action-oriented documents
  • Experts in the field

Mental Health

Mental Health & Substance Use

Browse the most recent research, cutting edge reforms, model policies, best practices, links to experts, and toolkits to take action to collaboratively meet the mental health needs of youth without unnecessary juvenile justice system involvement.


Community-Based Alternatives

Review approaches to minimize youth contact with the juvenile justice system, the frequency with which they are detained and incarcerated,  and cost-effective ways to improve outcomes for them while keeping communities safe.


Evidence-Based Practices

Certain programs have been rigorously evaluated and shown to improve outcomes for at-risk youth. Explore the research, cutting edge reforms, model policies, best practices, links to experts, and toolkits regarding these practices.


Juvenile Indigent Defense

Youth in the juvenile justice system need access to qualified attorneys in order to exercise their constitutional right to counsel. Learn more about the barriers they face and promising solutions through the Resource Hub's materials.


Racial-Ethnic Fairness

Youth of color are overrepresented at nearly every point of contact in the juvenile justice system, from arrest to incarceration. Here, you can review model policies, strategies for reform, and more.



How can we help incarcerated youth transition safely and successfully back into the community? Learn more here.


Dual Status Youth

A large proportion of youth in the juvenile justice system have also been involved in the child welfare system. A host of reforms to better serve the needs of these youth -- known as "dual status youth", "crossover youth”, or “multi-system youth” -- are detailed here.

Photos on these pages are of models used for illustrative purposes only.

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