A Good Day for Ryan Schill and Kennesaw State University

Leonard Witt

Wednesday, May 11, 2011 was a good day for our reporter Ryan Schill, for Kennesaw State University and for me. Wednesday, Schill became a graduate of Kennesaw State and editor John Fleming published Schill's story the Straight Dope on Fake Dope. It's a well written and researched story, and right after we posted it, Youth Today a national newspaper asked to reprint it. Of course, we said yes.

For me it was a special day because last semester Schill was in my Advance Media Writing class. I quickly noticed that Schill has that special talent of being able to do research, get out on the street to do the reporting and then put it all together in a well written story. I asked him to start writing for us here at the and he has produced under the tutelage of editor Fleming.

Ryan Schill


It is wonderful to see students excel, and this has been a good semester. I taught our Journalism and Citizen Media capstone course for graduating seniors. They focused on Marietta, Ga. My students did fantastic work producing both videos and an online magazine. Take a look at Marietta in Motion. Unlike students in the past, today's journalism students must have a range of abilities and these students do.

So congratulations to my capstone students and to all of Wednesday's Department of Communication graduates and, of course, to Schill, who just signed a contract to do more writing for us. It was, indeed, a good day for Kennesaw State University and for the

May 06, 2011

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April 29, 2011

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April 15, 2011

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