Juvenile Justice Week in Review: After Raid, Community Asks: What’s Next?

THIS WEEK IN JUVENILE JUSTICE: After Raid, Community Asks: What's Next?

Police Community Council meeting
Members of the NYPD, Manhattan District Attorneys Office, and members of the community attend the first Police Community Council meeting since the largest raid in NYPD\'s history at the George Bruce Branch Library in Harlem Tuesday evening.



During the first Community Council meeting since the June 3 raid of the Manhattanville and Grant Houses — the largest in the NYPD's history — law enforcement revealed details Tuesday night about the raid and laid out for the precinct’s bewildered residents law enforcement’s plan in the wake of the arrests.

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Coalition for Juvenile Justice Conference Featured Listenbee, Others
Robert Listenbee, administrator of the OJJDP delivered the conference’s keynote address.
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OP-ED: Always Learning How to be a Better Mentor
A mentor discusses the challenges and joys of growing and learning alongside her mentee.

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OP-ED: Dual Status Youth – Tomorrow May Be Too Late
Despite significant overlap, the child welfare and juvenile justice systems largely continue to operate independently from one another.

OP-ED: ‘Kids-for-Cash’ Documentary a Reminder of Continuing Problems in Juvenile Justice Systems
“Kids for Cash” is about more than just the children who were directly affected by this scandal. 

OP-ED: Institutional Abuse Holds Back Positive Change in Children
John Lash writes that it's high time that schools adopt alternative strategies for dealing with difficult kids.

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